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  1. Trudeau forgets Alberta - the reaction is hilarious...and hypocritical

    This blog post comes from a C2E thread of a similar name.

    Quote Originally Posted by RichardS View Post
    This thread is both sad and hilarious at the same time.

    In no way shape or form do I think that the omission of Alberta from the list of provinces was an intentional conspiracy theory on behalf of the Prime Minister or anybody else in his caucus or staff. Mistakes are made in speeches all the time. It's how you handle the fallout that is crucial.

    But the bigger problem here is, an allegedly, most likely
  2. I'm gonna sue you!!!!!

    I've heard that more often than not over the past decade and a half. People threatening to sue me, this forum, or each other. Libel is something that is a very hot topic in the online world.

    I've kept this forum "anonymous" for several reasons. The biggest one is to protect online identities from being stalked by the anonymous hoard should the identified person post something that the hoard hates. Also, it protects C2E to a point.

    C2E has tried to keep the ...
  3. The interesting thing about politics and moderating.

    I'm trying to see if the blog functionality here works well. I thought I'd try this with the topic that keeps rearing its ugly head. The amount of discord that happens in political threads, and how people who will be violently offended when their leader is insulted can be so violently insulting of the other person's leader and find it okay.

    I had a report post today from a user who was upset that Prime Minister Trudeau was being referred to in a manner the poster thought was rather ...