• C2E - powered by YEG TEL

    YEG TEL is now a key partner in the C2E domain. I must admit the logo is a bit of a throwback!

    As you notice by the banner, C2E is now hosted by a local company. Having our servers in Canada again has a definite advantage as the previous set up was in Seattle. Patriot act is one, payments in CAD is another...

    Max at YEG TEL approached me while I was laid up in the hospital, and demonstrated his company's desire to partner. It took some time to make this happen as I knew the upgrade was going to be atrociously fraught with errors, and I was still under the impression that this project was done.

    I've added their logo to the C2E banner as without Max's help, C2E's upgrade would have been dead in the water a couple of times. There is a lot of gratis support that he gave that all other hosting providers would have charged generously for.

    Plus, it recognizes the new partnership in hosting. I know some out there offered their server space, and indeed I have my own, but you'd be amazed at the bandwidth C2E can suck out of a server farm. Most private hosting providers will immediately change your server into a higher paying business account simply because of how much C2E is used. I didn't want people's offer of generous server space to become a burden. I learned this lesson back in the PROMOTE-Edmonton.com days...the precursor to C2E. Indeed, this was a key element as to why the EEDC (at the time of 2007) wanted C2E off their network. So, moving to a locally owned hosting company made perfect sense.

    So, I'd like to officially welcome YEG TEL to the fray, and say thank you for all your help.
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    1. DerekO -
      Your More than Welcome Richard.