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    Trump - misc

    As if.

    I am merely pointing out that admitting desire isn't proof of culpability.

    If that makes me an apologist for

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    Trump - misc

    Are you kidding me? Now you're also an apologist for sexual assault. Ever heard of power dynamics? Fear? The fact that he could ruin their lives if he

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    Trump - misc

    As if. Nobody does that. That's one reason why his comment is so funny. The other is the main point - which basically explains how pathetic gold-diggers

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    Edmonton International Airport Retail / Hotel Development

    Problem is the decorative stuff and store signs aren't up yet which will change its correctional institution look significantly.

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    Trump - misc

    So you are now saying that he does it. I thought it was just locker room talk between two guys that were miles and years away from any locker room.

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