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    The Quarters Hotel & Residences (aka Alldritt Tower) | 280m | 80 floors | Proposed

    Some solid math analysis going on here. I approve.

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    Trump - misc

    but the donalds twitter feed is all I need. It's the one stop shop for all things not-fake-news. Because the donald never lies! MrOilers, probably.

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    Trump - misc

    This is hilarious coming from a guy who doesn't trust actually respected news organizations. And KC, no, the National Enquirer isn't any better. It seems

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    Edmonton BRT

    Many bus routes have 15 minute peak service. The core cross town routes 1-23 usually maintain 15 or 30 minute frequency from 6 am till 10 pm. The other

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    Trump - misc

    50,000??? how does the donald know how many there are if they’re missing?

    and then there’s the matter of simple arithmetic... 50,000 in

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