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    Centre LRT | Strathcona

    The report says absolutely nothing about the piers so I can guess they must be in good shape. What is the plan for the HLB in 2045, do they even have

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    Ice District for Sale

    A lot of development groups limit themselves to developing. That is, they have no intention to hold the property, simply build it, then sell it for profit,

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    Amazon looking for a place to put HQ #2

    Fleeing no, but Toronto, Waterloo, and Ottawa are all more affordable places that have strong tech economies in Canada. Sorry Vancouver is more likely

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    Ice District for Sale

    Man...this thread is full of such ridiculous views its actually making my head spin.
    Tower B IS happening. Further development WILL happen (with

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    Ice District for Sale

    As for the big miss, yeah - so far so good, but this was pitched as a district, and not a building. If you're aiming that high, and using public funds

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