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    Atheism vs. Religion

    The ten commandments are in the old testament. Does that mean that they're no longer valid to Christianity?

    Is salvation given to murderers?

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    Atheism vs. Religion

    Well, first of all, all those old testament laws were fulfilled in Jesus which means we don't have to follow them. Secondly, believing in Jesus means

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    Atheism vs. Religion

    Oh I see. It doesn't actually mean what it says. There's deeper meanings to it. Please, enlighten us.



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    Atheism vs. Religion

    Well Vincent, so far, I don’t understand your point. Do you understand Christianity? If so, what exactly is it that you are saying kkozoriz doesn’t

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    Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre | Discussion

    what was unreported here is that the application was made 140 years ago - it just took this long to agree on the relaxations, equivalencies, fees and

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