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    Valley Line LRT | Downtown to Millwoods | Under Construction

    Hasn't it been like 2 years since this road was ripped up? Obviously I don't fully understand the construction process here, but has there been a lack

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    Jason Kenney and the UCP Performance - first year of power

    During an election? She’s mostly travelling the US.

    And you say she should be in school. I’d say she’s getting a university

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    Trump - misc

    He may feel that if he abandons the Middle East, then much of the never ending political turmoil in the US about the Middle East will disappear. As in

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    Trump - misc

    What interests are you appealing to here?

    Should the US ally itself with any middle Eastern country? Over the decades lots of countries

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    Trump - misc

    “Trump makes a mockery of the Presidency and is destroying the well earned respect of the world. He is making America a joke”.

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