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    Trump - misc


    They all pretty much knew ‘what’ they were voting for. Nothing that has come out, nor the accusations of far worse

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    Trump - misc

    Yeah however the ‘depth and breadth’ of the rules and laws are quite amazing. Like the safety meeting joke: ‘Everyone! Safety Meeting.

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    Trump on immigration, big beautiful walls, etc

    That BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL has hit a new price tag that is climbing faster than the stock market and now 300 miles shorter.


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    Whyte Ave/Old Strathcona Retail Discussion

    As far as former banks go, the BMO on Whyte moved to 104 st and Whyte, is their former space even viable for renovation? Banks never seem to be re-tenantable.

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    Jasper Avenue Makeover

    LRT into Downtown is completed in 2020, and Jasper Ave reconstruction begins in 2019 and finishes in a few years.

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