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    Atheism vs. Religion

    There no proof that Hitler committed mass murder nor that he intended to. You all think I'm crazy to say that yet you still won't be able to produce

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    Cannabis retail lottery

    A $20 gram of weed can get one person high 5 times, each high is equivalent to drinking 5 beers. Show me $20 worth of liquor that can get you drunk 5

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    Eskimos 2018 Season and Grey Cup 2018

    We already have. The Stamps let the Leos win, The Riders let the Bombers win. Teams would rather avoid playing Mike Reilly in a one game playoff and

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    Cannabis retail lottery

    What a heap of rot. Liquor is notoriously cheap to produce. Anybody that works in a liquor store is instructed, in the case of theft, just to allow the

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    Trump - misc

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