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    Trump - misc

    I believe that Muslim people are people, but the Islamic RELIGION is a very hateful ideology that hasn't reformed (like other old-world religions have)

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    Trump - misc

    OK, what EXACTLY are non-Canadian beliefs and loyalties? People are supposed to arrive here and instantly be impossible to tell from people who were

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    Edmonton Eskimos 2017 Season

    I think if the O-lineman we got for him is Canadian, and good enough to be a starter, then it was a good trade. The Esks used up 2 international spots

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    Premier Notley's Second Year

    The truth will slowly come out, it seems the real price is much higher, as there are backhanded subsidies to deflate the rate per hour:

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    Trump - misc

    Nope, not even close. Merely pointing out that fascists and communists are bad people.

    I have, and continue to, strongly

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