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    Trump - misc

    Itís awful stuff. Iíve seen some of her porn and she is despicable. Who would want that after 1000 others have been there, several at a time. Itís awful

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    Trump - misc

    Right, if Trump was going to have sex with a porn star he'd at least pick one that was at the top of the charts. Fake news! Sad!

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    Trump - misc

    I guess you missed the part where Hillary Clinton WAS investigated by the FBI, specifically in regards to her e-mail and nothing criminal was found.

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    City Centre Mall | Renovation | Under Construction

    I noticed when I was there a few days ago. As I joked when I saw this, it seems the only thing that can escape from this mall is the tenants - however,

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    Trump - misc

    You know, I think that insult to Stormy sort of backfires a bit. After all, who was the one who was so eager to sleep with "horseface" before

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