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    Trump - misc

    It's not just former members that he's looking to strip security clearance from. Bruce Ohr would be unable to do his job and it would be based on "evidence"

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    Russian interference in US politics - starts with James Comey Firing

    He's never lived in a functioning democracy. It would be like someone living in India saying they understsnd Germany. Maybe the have a general idea

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    Ontario politics

    It will be interesting to see how the Ontario PC 's try to square the circle in their budget. Without carbon tax or cap and trade revenues its going

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    Whyte Ave/Old Strathcona Retail Discussion

    The problem with business on Whyte Ave is simple- rents are way, way too high. As many business owners have noted, they're charging "Oil Boom"

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    Ontario politics

    The Conservatives barely had a platform let alone a costed platform mere days before the election, so given their ideological bent this is no surprise.

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