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    Are you boycotting BC?

    Good for them! JT won't like it, Horgan won't like it..in a few years when the ndp ruin BC, as they did before,a lot of things will come to light, and

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    Premier Notley's Fourth Year

    First nations are upset about the tanker ban, he might listen to them but I doubt it. This whole country under this child, has become poorer, and I believe

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    Extremists in the UCP

    You can die on this hill if you wish, I see no future in this post..happy Sunday

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    Extremists in the UCP

    Polls can be manipulated, I agree. I think the NDP got in by accident, and now they are on the way out. I don't care, if you voted for then, you may care.

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    "Must Try" Edmonton restaurants

    I really like it. I remember being on a class trip as a kid. We were in queen elizabeth park for a picnic when the teacher pointed out to the class the

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