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The interesting thing about politics and moderating.

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I'm trying to see if the blog functionality here works well. I thought I'd try this with the topic that keeps rearing its ugly head. The amount of discord that happens in political threads, and how people who will be violently offended when their leader is insulted can be so violently insulting of the other person's leader and find it okay.

I had a report post today from a user who was upset that Prime Minister Trudeau was being referred to in a manner the poster thought was rather unbecoming. The comment itself from the previous poster was, in the kindest sense, off colour. Now, the twist here is that the person who is completely upset about Prime Minister Trudeau being insulted regularly takes great glee in saying some of the most insulting and disparaging comments about anybody who's in remotely Conservative.

Politics is a bloodsport. While upsetting, insults regularly fly around. Personally I find these insults very unnecessary, but society as a whole seems to believe they come with the territory. So, I find it a little hard to be overly judgmental when a frequent hard-core "basher" of one side becomes so indignant of a comment made in return. Forgive me, but I am human, and this human doesn't like it when delicious irony becomes bitter hypocrisy.

I try to keep the field level. You'll readily find that some personal and less than flattering Stephen Harper opinions have stood, and I will definitely not change that stance now that Justin Trudeau is in office. I do expect that the discussion/debate will bring out points and counter points so that the reader can make a valued opinion. I just wish that differing opinions could be delivered with more humour and tact than the barrage of insults towards a person's character, their spouse's looks, or other personal insults.

I did watch the recent Jimmy Kimmel interview with President George W Bush. The comment that came up was around President Trump's treatment of Governor Jeb Bush - #43's brother. Kimmel asked if George wanted to punch out Donald for the comments, and he said no. It comes with the territory. Jeb and I are used to it. It's politics.

I ask. Does it have to be?

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