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I'm gonna sue you!!!!!

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I've heard that more often than not over the past decade and a half. People threatening to sue me, this forum, or each other. Libel is something that is a very hot topic in the online world.

I've kept this forum "anonymous" for several reasons. The biggest one is to protect online identities from being stalked by the anonymous hoard should the identified person post something that the hoard hates. Also, it protects C2E to a point.

C2E has tried to keep the tone civil, but in political threads that proved impossible. As I mentioned in my first blog post, people here and elsewhere can readily insult, degrade, defame, or deride the political party/person they dislike, but cry first degree murder if another insults their favorite party/person. The hypocrisy is amazing. However, that is the discussion for the first blog post.

An anonymous person, insulting another anonymous person, usually cannot be taken to libel. You have to prove injury to your business, person, income, future income, career, character, etc. That would mean you have to be identifiable, as well as provide identifiable injury. If you cannot, then suing will be at best a waste of time, and at worst, a complete waste of effort, money, and resources only to come out empty-handed.

I get it. Some people here (from all stripes) just cannot help themselves. They have to speak bluntly and turn things personal. One only has to read the Trump thread to see it taken to the extreme. They have to assume the worst about the other, or they have to feed the obvious troll. Others cannot split out a disagreement over a building and immediately assume that a comment over food means an insult. The internet takes simple arguments and turns them into global thermonuclear warfare in 150 words or less.

I am not telling anyone here they cannot sue. I am simply stating that the odds of your success are directly correlated to proving intent, identity, and injury. In an "anonymous" forum, that's difficult. It is even hard in the US political world, and that country is extremely litigious.

Others have tried to sue C2E for opinions they don't necessarily like. Again, good luck. If that opinion against a coffee flavour, burger, painting, car type, or political leaning appears here, it darn sure appears in conversations at your local coffee shop, burger joint, charity event, street corner, or the like. Enjoy suing Starbucks, Tim Hortons, your local arena, the dinner table, etc. The negative opinion will be overheard. Censorship is not the way.

I've coached companies and individuals who find their real identity being insulted to do the following. Clearly state your case. Clearly invite the opposing opinion to produce facts backing up their claim. It must be empirical, not anecdotal. 99 times out of 100, the insulting party gets their comeuppance. I understand that many feel that they should not have to clear their name on some forum or from rumour, but your identity is your brand. It will only be you that defends it in the end. The effort is worth it.

Truly, be very careful when you lob threats of litigation. Just because someone doesn't like your opinion is not cause or justification.


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    Thank you Admin for the hard work that you do and your Sunday that was just ruined by having to write this blog out. Believe it or not, I spent my whole Sunday gathering evidence on an unrelated business matter to send over to my lawyer in the morning. Sheer drudgery to make every word accurate and to the point. I hate it because it is only the lawyers that make any money at it.

    Have a good evening and thank you for keeping the C2E forum alive.

    P.S. Gotta put that LIKE button back in.