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Thread: Criteria for how/who surplus space is used?

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    Default Criteria for how/who surplus space is used?

    What suggestions can you offer on what criteria can be used to consider how school space is used for the benefit of the community? What are important considerations for partner opportunities in the future?

    Some more information to consider
    Excess School Space - How do we use it?
    In some cases the data will show that consistent low enrolments, coupled with a forecast for continued low enrolments will lead the District to recommend a school closure, and a school building will be recommended for other uses in the community. An important element of the Sector Planning approach is to identify any and all opportunities to partner with other organizations to use school space in ways that support the community, and continue to allow the District to meet its mandate and responsibilities.

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    Perhaps it could be used for continuing education and adult learning. Evening classes? ESL? Town hall meetings?

    Maybe office space for some non-profit groups? A place for musicians to practice/hold recitals/performances (I know there are plenty of bands looking for rehearsal space - some of whom you may not want there)? Artist workshops? Cooking classes? Small scale public speakers?

    Seniors centre meeting place? Bake sales for charity?

    Lots of ideas off the top of my head. Thanks for asking!
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    Or use it as a school. Don't build any new schools anywhere in the City, when there is surplus space in the City. Parents will take their kids, or bus them, to the schools that are available. They might even decide it is worth living in those neighborhoods that already have schools, and developers may see enough incentive to provide more accomodations for them.
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    ^ I've been trying to imagine the sector review process within the context of the new Municipal Development Plan. Repopulating areas near schools with kids has been identified as a civic priority. Future large site densification projects will include housing for new families. Other cities, notably Vancouver, have increased the number of children living in core areas so successfully that there is now pressure to build new schools in the interior, not the suburbs.

    I completely agree with Moahunter. As part of ending sprawl, we need to be offering better services for children within mature neighbourhoods. Punishing families who have done the right thing for taxpayers and the environment by closing the community school is, well, vaguely insane.

    Rewarding familes who've moved to the outskirts with new schools is similarly wrong-headed.

    I think it is extremely difficult when one level of government is pursuing policies that are in direct opposition to those of another level of government. The only possible result is stagnation. Edmonton needs a Plan A, developed cooperatively, to get things moving in a positive direction. Councillors really want to do this, but the EPSB is having a tough time seeing beyond its own institutional needs.

    Nonetheless, I do support having a discussion about how to put space designed for kids, not currently needed by the district, to use for kids.

    Fortunately, a major study was completed on that topic is September, the Reach Report. Here is the primary recommendation:

    A New Model of Family and Community Safety Focusing on Schools as Neighbourhood Access Points to Social Support Services

    •Build on and nurture and integrated community-wide partnership that positions schools as key access points or hubs for high needs families, children, and youth.

    •Develop and implement a coordinated physical activity, homework, and skills drop-in program during the critical after school hours for at-risk school aged children and youth in Edmonton.

    City Council unanimously supported this approach. However, as far as I can tell, along with the Municipal Development Plan, the Reach report is not being considered in the EPSB's sector review work.

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    Two threads on this?


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