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Thread: Start with Trust - BBB of Central and Northern Alberta

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    Default Start with Trust - BBB of Central and Northern Alberta

    Your Better Business Bureau, now simply known as BBB, has made many changes to benefit both consumers and businesses. The non-profit BBB of Central and Northern Alberta, has had an office in Edmonton since 1957.

    In 2008, BBB inaugurated its 50 Years of Trust Club, to honour businesses that have belonged to BBB for 50 years. There is a continual running page on our website, with listings and photographs of our 50 Years of Trust Club inductees.

    There are approximately 3,000 businesses in our Service Region that belong to BBB. We no longer call them “members”. Membership can lead people to believe that by paying annual dues, businesses can belong to BBB, but as our new slogan states “Start with Trust” and not all businesses can belong to BBB. Previously known as members “BBB Acredited Businesses” must have been in business for at least one year, have and maintain a good reputation in accordance with our Code of Business Practices, comply with our Code of Advertising Standards, pay annual dues and be approved by our Board of Directors.

    BBB also gives all businesses (Accredited on non-accredited) that we report on, a letter grade rating from F to A+ and a BBB Accredited Business, must also have and maintain a minimum “B” rating.

    Start You Search With Trust on our homepage ( Consumers can view BBB Reliability Reports by search on our search engine optimized BBB Accredited Business Directory (Find A BBB Accredited Business), look up any business (Check Out A Business).

    Complaints involving marketplace transactions, can be filed against any business. The business will be notified and will have ten working days to respond. Failure to respond to a complaint will lead to the business getting a reduction in its rating. BBB Accredited Businesses, must respond to the complaint or face losing their Accreditation.

    Our homepage, with regional mirror sites for Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and Red Deer, have many useful links to help consumers find tips, read alerts and Start With Trust in their purchases. For consumers living in the Edmonton and surrounding Alberta Capital Region, we have a regional Information Page, to assist in directing them to our homepage. There are seven regional information pages that also point to their nearest BBB website, in central and northern Alberta.

    BBB e-Services

    Here's a summary of Internet services available through BBB of Central and Northern Alberta:

    • Consumers and businesses in central and northern Alberta can use e-Quote to get free product and service information and prices from BBB Accredited Businesses
    • Look for the interactive BBBOnline Reliability Seal on business' websites. It's the only way they can say online they're an Accredited Business
    • With the implementation of our Search Engine Optimized Accredited Business Directory our businesses are showing in Google™ and other search engines and directories
    • Keep up with BBB news, tips and alerts by visiting our BBB Blog and subscribe to our RSS Feed
    • For Social Networking, BBB of Central and Northern Alberta also has a Facebook FanPage and is on Twitter
    • By clicking 'More Information” on most BBB Accredited Business' Google™ Map you can find out the belong to BBB, how long they've belonged and view their BBB Reliability Report
    • The BBB’s Accredited Business Locator is powered by Azigo’s free, down-loadable browser plug-in and displays the “BBB Accredited Business” seal whenever consumers search for products or services using popular search engines such as Google™
    • If you have an iGoogle of Facebook page you can install our BBB gadget that lets you check out a business
    • We also have a PDA interface that can use on your hand-held devises to check out a business
    • BBB of Central and Northern Alberta's newest online service is provide by that lets relocating consumers receive, at no charge, up to four quotes from reliable BBB Accredited Movers

    For More Information about BBB of Central and Northern Alberta, click here and follow any of the links.

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    I notice that several notable businesses such as the AMA and Canadian Tire have not responded to the complaints that were lodged with the BBB. What, other than publishing their names, is the BBB doing to ensure that these reputable businesses are, in fact, paying attention to their obligations as members?


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