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Thread: Annoying Driving habits in Edmonton

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    If trucks are about to turn from QE2 to the Henday westbound then they have no choice but to use the center lane - the first 2 or 3 lanes to the right are for Gateway Blvd. Though why they use the center lane all the way from Leduc, I have no idea.
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    From Leduc to Edmonton the fast lane is often the right lane. Additionally people coming off the Yellowhead and turning south on the Anthony Henday will immediately take the middle lane whereas the right hand lane doesn’t disappear until the Whitemud overpass. (Those taking the middle lane facilitate easier merging at the next overpass, but they are leaving the right hand lane near empty and increasing conjestion in the middle and left/passing lane.) Same issue for north bound traffic.

    I guess it all works as is - just like speeding. People drive according to the perceived conditions and that seems reasonable.

    Also I regularly see people turn onto roads and either directly or near immediately take the left lane and then drive for blocks and blocks before making a left. People come up behind them and have to pass on their right. (Not a big deal because cars often slow the left lanes for turns but in driving and improving traffic flows consistency and predictablity improve safety.)

    On Whitemud north of the river people will get into the far left lane and stay there for the several km to the Terwillegar off ramp with vehicles passing them on their right the whole way. Again not a big deal but such practices just mean that passing on the right will occur as a response. It’s simple cause and effect with speed being the old chicken and egg issue.

    In Europe I saw huge signs indicating how many km ahead it was to the merge point of the third/right-hand lane merging left. Simple. So if a driver merged onto the highway and the sign indicated that it was for example 5 km until the right-hand lane would disappear, the slower driver could just stay there and stay out of the way of the faster traffic in the other two lanes.
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    So today this is what I think I saw:

    Stopped for a red light. Heard a person laying in their horn. Turned out that the guy laying on his horn was making a right hand turn to go west on the four lane (2 ea way) road I was on.

    The right-hand-turner seemed to be laying on his horn because another driver coming across the intersection towards him, also turned to go west and took the lane against the centre median, forcing the guy making a right to turn to take the curb lane. I even saw this guy lay on his horn a second time as the other driver drive on. (Like the people that think they own the street in front of their houses, I guess he thought he owned both the curb lane and the centre lane for turning.)

    8 Things to Remember about Turning Right on a Green Light

    Thing #7: Which lane should you turn into?

    Legally when you turn right, you’re required to turn into the right lane;
    and any left-turning vehicle is required to turn into the left lane.

    However, if after you turn ...”
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