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    So i have been toying around with this idea for a few months, a school program for gardening. In this fast paced world we live in few people have the ability to teach their kids about the wonders of growing your own food. For me personally there is nothing more satisfying then eating food you grow from a tiny seed. This would have lots of benefits to the overall society in general.

    Kids love to be outside even more so in the spring and summer and early fall. Which happens to be gardening season.

    It is essentially a low cost program once you have a gardening area it costs nothing but water and some sweat to keep it going.

    It teaches kids about healthy food options. To many kids are eating junk foods for snacks when they should be eating vegetables and fruits. If they grow the vegetable they are much more likely to want to eat the vegetable.

    You can incorporate many other aspects of the kids education into the garden experience. Math, Science, Health just to name a few.

    Also you can use it a discipline factor as you can make kids misbehaving have to weed.

    There I'm sure are a lot more benefits but I thought this would be a good start. How do you guys feel about a gardening program for schools?
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    We have a vegetable patch in our backyard, and yes we live in the city. the kids love digging for fresh carrots,beets,peas,beans, potatoes and you cannot beat the taste. Why wait for the schools to have a program just start in your own backyard. We even have an apple tree. The kids start to realize where food actually comes from and its not from the grocery store.

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    I have a garden and your right you can not beat that taste. I agree and would encourage everyone to plant their own food. Even if you just have a balcony put some tomato plants out.

    I just think a lot of families are to busy amongst other things to have their own garden. Most families have both parents working and then you factor in extra activities such as sports/music they just don't have the time.

    If we encouraged gardening more with kids then when they are older they would more likely grow a garden, or they might convince their parents to grow a garden if they really enjoy it.

    The program is super cheap I mean essentially its free if you save your seeds. I believe that knowing how to grow your own food is super important as you can save lots of money(I have not had to buy vegetables for most of the summer).

    Also it could be crossed into many areas of schooling most importantly Health and Wellness classes(which I believe are not taken serious enough by the school system).

    My sister teaches at a private school and I believe they are looking into something of this sort.

    I just can not see something which is a win win see much resistance as price is low to nothing and its fun growing things. And the rewarding feeling of knowing you grew the food which you eat is nice as well.

    Also the food could be given to charities which provide poor people food or to the food bank. I mean so many good lessons so much winning how could you really be against that?
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    I know some public schools have gardens.

    As well, some organizations dealing with children utilize a community garden as a group project ... for all the good reasons that you've mentioned.
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    I was going to say, I dont think its a standard, but there are many schools with a school garden / garden club where they do exactly what you say.

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    Good to know that schools are out there with a program like this. Hopefully more decide to join this idea as it would be such a positive thing for Edmonton. I personally don't have any kids but for teachers and people with kids if you like this idea please bring it up with the administration.
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