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Thread: Air Service Development, Routes, and carrier conversations

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jackson View Post
    Who would go to Jasper and on to Banff and back to Edmonton if you could fly on this?

    I am in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctzn-Ed View Post
    I didn't say anything about building a new railroad. The statement said, "IF...." meaning that if tracks were there already. The point I was making was to give the tour a bit more dimensions than just Jasper. Tour buses will work as well. When one assume that a person want a train track built for this, he/she must be ludicrous in thinkings to postulate I would be in favor of spending billions on rails so we can , potential, gain millions in return? Give your head a shake!
    What's ludicrous is "postulating" on some grand Alberta tour without doing even the most basic research on whether there is a rail line between Jasper and Banff, which would have taken all of 30 seconds. Or the slightest shred of common sense. What reason would there have been to build a railway between the 2 back in the heyday of railroads?

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    All I did was threw in something of my head and suggested something more than Jasper is more beneficial. Certainly ideas could he added to that.. it was not meant as a concrete solution but a concept to launch for conversation. I m not here to declare a solution otherwise I would have done research.
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