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Thread: CHEAP autobody repair

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    Default CHEAP autobody repair

    I have been reading threads on here that discuss autobody repair shops, and one thing I've noticed is that none of them directly answer this question: who's the cheapest? Yes, I know, you get what you pay for and all that, but affordability is a big issue for me.

    I have a nasty crack in the lower front of my car. I got an appraisal today and they want to replace the entire bottom piece where the crack is. The quote was almost $900. It's my first time dealing with this kinda stuff and I was hoping someone could help me out and recommend a cheaper option. Thx.

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    Crack in the plastic portion? While some places weld plastic then repaint most places replace the part, the $900 sounds like its a reasonable estimate.

    If its an older car you could try an autowrecker and if you're lucky they might have the part in your color.

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    That price sounds cheap as it is.

    Check a few more places, stay away from the dealership autobody facilities, they are expensive.

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    Had the same problem. Recent quote was $1300 plus tax for replace and paint.

    I might try to repair it myself. All vehicles age and in a surprisingly short time end up in the crusher so I find it hard to justify dropping $1300 for cosmetics.

    I figure I should be able to save $1300+ of that $1300 + tax.

    Note: it's a Honda CRV and its OEM all-season tires were the worst ever in the 2011 winter. After the damage I put on the previous owners other set of all-seasons and it drove just fine in the snow.
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