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    Default Bacon wrapped eggs

    Just made this for breakfast for my parents, and omg why haven't i done this before!

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    and this is what mine turned out like

    IMG_5666 by darkmagnoblade, on Flickr

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    Wow that looks fantastic lol. Did you add anything other than chives?

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    The cheese is in there, you put it in before you bake it. And i scrambled mine instead of how the video did it.

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    Hmm, looks good. How long did you bake for, and at what temperature? Oh, and how was the bacon? I like mine crispy, but I doubt if that happens in this recipe.
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    Pre heat the oven to 400F, then i just pre cooke the bacon for about 2 mins in a pan then toss 1 or 2 strips (depending on size of the muffin tin you have) into the muffin pan, put in the 1 or 2 eggs (again depending how big of a pan you have) cheese and chive's and more if you want then toss her into the oven for about 25 mins or so even though i did 30 mins to be on the safe side. They slide right out, no mess at all i think its the fact there is a bit of bacon grease that make them slide out of the pan easy. Then add salt and pepper or whatever you want for your taste and enjoy.

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    ^Good recipe, put this in the thread "Recipes with 4 ingredience or less.
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    Technically, its add or subtract what you want, so it would be more then 4 ingredient depending on preference.

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    I make this all the time. Ham works well, I have also just used pieces of what ever left over meat I have on hand. I put meat and cheese right in the cups, then beat the eggs with garlic and spices and fill the cups. They freeze well and microwave nicely, so I have them for breakfast every day on a whole wheat english muffin.


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