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    I am looking for a school for my son who will be grade four next year, and we're looking into Oliver School and Westglen School. Does anyone have any experiences with either one, and can leave some helpful comments?
    They both seem like good schools, and we'd like him to have extraxurricular activities at school as well, music and sports. Thanks for your help!

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    No experience with either school but wanted to mention that exturcurricular activities for children within a school most often is not available until grade 7. I have heard of some twice per week noon hour music and morning running clubs. You may want to look up the community league in the same boundary and see what programs and activities they have.

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    You may also want to consider Coronation School since it's in the same general area. It's one of two IB elementary schools in the public system and has made quite a name for itself with its Own the Podium program. The school does a lot with the arts including an Artist in Residence as well as hosting the Alberta Opera last week. The school is small so sports is more limited but I do know that there is currently after-school basketball on Thursdays. The tae kwon do school also picks up kids after school for lessons too. As the other poster mentioned, community leagues often provide a lot of the sports programming so sports shouldn't really be the main worry for elementary-aged kids.

    As far as the two schools you mentioned, I have heard good things about Westglen.

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    My girls are just finishing grade 5 at Westglen and overall it's been very good. I'll check on the specific details but the music programs in the school are good. The girls have been in choir for years, the music teacher is excellent, they've also brought in an outside music teacher for a guitar program, and a friend of mine who is a professional musician has been helping with another music program.

    I'm not up on the all the details but I'll check and get back to you here.

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