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Thread: Cutting the cord (cable tv)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobbdogg View Post
    Looking for some suggestions from those that have already cut the cord.

    Channels that are a must: CBC, CTV Edm, Global Edm, TLC, TSN, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Oilers.

    The two channels I'm having a hard time finding a replacement option for are TLC and TSN, and even then, mostly TLC for the wife who wants to be current on her shows. Anyone have any luck with TLC?
    Women addicted to garbage reality TV are the only thing propping up cable. As for sports... hook a computer up to your tv, and then <ahem>

    Use Firefox with ublock origin and ghostery addons to avoid popup hell.

    You're welcome.

    PS. If you're into golf, racing, bowling, darts, or poker, there is no help for you.
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    CBC, CTV and Global stream their content of their various websites. The retention of the programs varies by channel. I use an ad blocker and so get commercial free viewing on my computer (large screen, high resolution).

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    Ressurecting this one!

    Any recommendations for someone who is moving to a new house, no existing account for internet services, and I’m interested in the chord cutting future...

    What ISP would you recommend? I’m a Netflix user and would look to getting into ripped content and other ways of streaming live events. Is the Apple TV a good first step?
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    Over at and other sites, the Nvidia Shield is often touted as a great box if you want to go with the Android TV route. It is an officially certified Android TV device, not just a media box running the vanilla Android OS, allowing proper hi-def DRM compatible streaming of Netflix and Amazon programming. It is also officially supported by the Kodi development team. A bit pricier then the generic Android media boxes, but likely the most hassle free for you.

    I'm currently on Shaw, and they've generally been good to me. However, since you are starting from scratch, you may want to choose one of the Telus or Shaw re-sellers, which can have better long-term rates and no contract then the rate offered by the others past the initial six months. Teksavvy is an example of a reseller.

    Good luck!

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    I cut the cord over 8 years ago. I played with those android boxes (kodi boxes) but they're slow. I have a mini-pc hooked up to my TV running Linux with Firefox and Chrome that lets me watch whatever you can watch on a computer. Netflix, Prime, CBC, CTV, CityTV, plus all the reddit streams for sports. In another room I have an Xbox that runs Netflix too, and I have a Chromecast hooked up to the TV in my bedroom to stream shows as well.

    I also bought a $50 digital antenna from Best Buy and I can watch over the air channels like CityTV, CBC etc for local news. They are also in HD.

    As for which ISP to go for, I ended up with Telus because they simply had the best price. It doesn't really matter who you go with, internet is internet, just make sure you have a fast enough connection.

    A 25 Meg connection should suffice for 1 or 2 TV's streaming at once. I have a 50 Meg connection and can stream on 2 screens at once and still have full speed on my laptop. I had 150 Meg but it was overkill and not needed.

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    We currently have Telus as our ISP, while I'm not a huge fan of the company they gave me a symmetrical fibre connection. We use an AppleTV although it's worth noting most new TVs have a number of services already built in. Our new one has YouTube, Netflix, Plex, and a bunch of others built in as well being Chromecast compatible so that can get you a bunch more. That said we only use the built in ones if we want native 4K. The AppleTV has a better and snappier interface. I also have a MacMini running Plex to serve up content I can't get through streaming services or iTunes or old stuff I ripped back in the day.

    You should also consider what you consider acceptable for getting content. There are a number of boxes that can stream content from all over the Internet but they bypass copyright and the people only getting paid are the box makers. While I would have jumped all over these when my income was low these days aim to pay for what I can and only torrent stuff is either unavailable here (mostly British chat shows) or HBO, who are impossible to stream unless you have cable.

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    BTW, at you can enter your address and elevation to see a coverage map for the OTA signals in your area. There are two tower clusters in Edmonton: out near Cooking Lake, and another one west. If you live in a high-rise, multiply the floor you're on by 8.
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