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Thread: Edmonton mayoral hopeful takes heat for 'slave' comment

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    Default Edmonton mayoral hopeful takes heat for 'slave' comment

    "EDMONTON -- An Edmonton mayoral candidate is in hot water after offending a fellow council contender -- and proud black woman -- with a "slave" reference on Twitter."

    Looks like the kiddies aren't playing nice in the sandbox.

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    Dumb dumb

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    Here's another article, this one defending Penner:

    The comments don't agree with the article, and are worth reading.
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    Not really sure where this belongs, but here it is:

    Former Edmonton mayoral candidate gets house arrest for attempting to obstruct justice, mischief

    Published on: September 28, 2016 | Last Updated: September 28, 2016 7:45 PM MDT

    A former Edmonton mayoral candidate has been handed an eight-month conditional sentence after pleading guilty to attempting to obstruct justice, mischief and possession of stolen property.

    Curtis Penner, who pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this week in Leduc Provincial Court, was sentenced to the eight-month conditional sentence, four months of which is to be served as house arrest.

    The 38-year-old Penner, who entered Edmonton’s 2013 race for mayor on a platform concerned with preserving green spaces, admitted to breaking into a car owned by a couple with whom he had business dealings and parked at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA), taking items from it, and then attempting to bribe the couple into burying that case along with previous legal disputes that had arisen between them.
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