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Thread: Windshield wipers could soon be obsolete

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    Default Windshield wipers could soon be obsolete

    Elite sports car maker McLaren Automotive is working on a wiper-less car that uses jet-fighter technology to keep its windshield clear, the Sunday Times reports.
    Stephenson said he noticed the lack of wipers on some military aircraft, but it "took a lot of effort" to convince a military source to explain how such aircraft kept their windshields clear.

    "I was told that it's not a coating on the surface but a high frequency electronic system that never fails and is constantly active," he said. "Nothing will attach to the windscreen."

    Stephenson would not provide any more specifics over fears that competitors might steal the idea.

    However, there has been widespread media speculation that the system would generate high-frequency sound waves or ultrasound, similar to those produced by devices that dentists used to remove tartar from people's teeth, or that are used to clean objects ranging from medical devices to jewelry.
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    There are significantly fewer bugs at 10,000 feet. No dirt in the water either, so I don't think this one will translate well to ground level.

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    New coatings and types of glass are also on the way.

    I just wish they'd put two wipers on the backs of SUVs and wagons. Plus sprayers with headlight wipers on the fronts.

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    You wouldn't drive your McLaren in the snow, or leave it outside overnight. So it doesn't care if there is ice and snow melted on it. If it rains while your driving, then sure, that system probably works.

    But most cars will sit outside. Those in far north/south will get snow and ice on them. And they will need windshield wipers.


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