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Thread: Phonan - The Indigenous Peoplesí Experience

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    Default Phonan - The Indigenous Peoplesí Experience

    Hicks on Biz article

    Imagine a year-round First Nations exhibit/experience/living museum/theatre/themed trails, honouring our region’s past-and-present aboriginal community with cultural integrity and historical accuracy.

    Imagine this living museum/experience being the very best of its kind in the world, by and for indigenous peoples.

    Phonan is the crown jewel in Fort Edmonton Park’s proposed $150 million “renaissance”. It rings every bell imaginable.

    Done right, Phonan could bring tens of thousands of “new” tourists” into Edmonton, year-round, from all over the world, all motivated by a fascination for aboriginal culture.
    Fort Edmonton Park is applying for federal money being put aside for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, hence an optimistic opening date of the new, improved park, including Phonan, by the fall of 2017.

    This project will happen – under board chair Doug Goss, the park had already raised $30 million for improvements over the past decade. Edmontonians love Fort Edmonton Park and want to see it grow. The Phonan project has so much upside, including new tourism dollars, that we’d be fools to let this opportunity slip away.
    Graham does go a bit overboard as if this Phonan thing is going to be some magic pill for Edmonton tourism, but this sounds like a great new initiative for Fort Edmonton Park. He's correct in that it needs to be done right.
    ďYou have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.Ē - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012

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    ^This is fantastic. Virtually missing from nearly every Historical park I've been to is much focus on first nations peoples. For instance at Fort Edmonton as is its limited to some teepees set up outside Fort Edmonton. Even given that the feel of it is Eurocentric in that the aboriginal peoples are camped outside of the whitemans fort. Kind of a weird view of things given they naturally existed throughout the land (but only one place in Fort Edmonton park)
    next, Fort Edmonton has a York Boat stationed near the river. Several other whiteman modes of conveyance everywhere around the park. I can't remember seeing one birchbark canoe that got any intrepid explorers this far in the first place.

    This new exhibit probably corrects a lot of that and perhaps gives a more accurate and fair and balanced depiction of Edmonton's peoples and history.

    Yes, this would be a huge draw and possibly as much as the park is itself, certainly among international tourists and including first nations peoples the world over. This would be a destination draw and could lead to possibly much more.
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    Iím searching news on the internet for an update to this but havenít found anything yet.

    Just adding a x-ref link:

    Decent signs on the freeway so tourists will see Ft Edm Pk

    Fort Edmonton Park unveils new revitalization plans
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