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    Default Show off your bike

    Just got new tires and gave her a wash down before taking these shots so show off your ride.

    Edit: my bike is an 2008ish ironhorse warrior 3.3

    DSCF1180 by darkmagnoblade, on Flickr

    DSCF1181 by darkmagnoblade, on Flickr

    DSCF1182 by darkmagnoblade, on Flickr

    Here she is with her new boots and still dirty frame.

    DSC_0107 by darkmagnoblade, on Flickr
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    From last year: Cannondale Jekyl 3

    Untitled by peeflar, on Flickr
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    My pugsley on the left, with a friends moonlander on the right

    image by peeflar, on Flickr

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    and my old bike that I use mainly as my commuter... used to be my trail bike till I got the cannondale

    2008 Rocky Mountain Soul

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    Do you prefer hard tail to full suspension?

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    All depends what trail you are on, but I take my fs jekyl almost everywhere except riding to and from work. My jekyl has rear shock that I can lock off on the handle bar on the fly for tough climbs, and talas on the front that locks off as well.

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    ^Road bike with MTB tires?

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    Old Reign sold last year

    To aquire new Trance.

    Blue by Ryan Ponto, on Flickr
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    I sold my pugsley and jekyll pictured above in the last year... and upgraded...

    Scott Genius 720

    Rocky Mountain Blizzard -30

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    Don't have pics handy, but I've got a 2008ish Trek Fuel 8 for trail riding, and a 2013 Norco Aurum for pretending like I'm 16 and indestructible. Which never goes well.

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    Have a hardtail Kona Caldera that I trash around from time to time, but this is my main squeeze nowadays:

    Photo by me on Imgur

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    Post 24 Hours Lap in Canmore... Bike has seen better days.

    After the final wash when I was done the race riding back to camp my chain snapped. ridden right to the brink it would seem.


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