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    Default Devonian Gardens

    Anyone who's been there likely isn't surprised to see this, none-the-less:

    EDMONTON Ė The Devonian Botanical Gardens has been named Botanical Garden of the Year by a group of peers.

    The honour is part of the Canadian Garden Councilís 2014 Garden Tourism Awards.
    ... gobsmacked

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    Edmonton & region cleaning up this year for our attractions!

    Now if only Travel Alberta would recognize this

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    Year in Review: Paula Simons remembers her time-travelling trip to Dyde House

    More from Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal
    Published on: December 26, 2016 | Last Updated: December 26, 2016 7:00 AM MST

    "Let me tell you a secret. Hidden in the woods, just steps from the Devonian Botanic Gardens, is a magical mystery house. It is one of the very first buildings ever designed by the great Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, created at the beginning of his career. Itís open, airy, and filled with light, both sleekly futuristic and classically elegant. And for decades, not even architectural scholars knew it was there."

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    We went to Luminaria before Christmas. I'd recommend it.


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