Mother allows son's deadly motorcycle crash footage used in controversial PSA

This motorcycle crash video below may will be hard to watch for many of us. 38-year-old David Holmes was tragically killed on his motorcycle when he collided head-on with a driver in a Renault in Norfolk, England while travelling at close to 160 km/h (156 km/h or 97 mph). His mother Brenda Holmes, along with Norfolk Police have since produced a 3-minute video with the full support of his family which shows the crash captured from David's shocking point of view. It is their hope the video and the resulting safety campaign will act as a PSA promoting road safety for cars and motorbikes alike.

Holmes was travelling in one direction and the the driver of the Renault was travelling the opposite way, when the driver of the Renault made a right hand turn (the equivalent to our left hand turns) directly in the path of Holmes and his motorcycle. The driver admitted to not seeing Holmes or the car travelling behind him before executing the fatal right hand turn; he was prosecuted in April. Despite the fact that David was indeed travelling well above the posted speed limit, a number of other drivers had seen both the motorbike and the other car before the fatal collision.

While this video does not contain any graphic images of the rider, it's still very hard to watch, nonetheless. His mother Brenda and the police know that public opinion will be divided upon release of the PSA video.

Click here to view a few versions of the PSA video and for more information and quotes from the police and from Holmes' mother.