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Thread: Elite versus Star Citizen

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    Default Elite versus Star Citizen

    I'm excited, Elite is almost out. I remember spending hours on this, crashing as I tried to dock (wanting auto dock), eventually figuring it out, on an Apple IIe clone at my school.

    It's main competition is star citizen. Star citizen has more funding behind it, and more ideas in the initial build, more story line, etc. But it's also taking much longer to come to market, where Elite seems to be a well managed bite sized build, Star Citizen I fear is spawning out of control.

    I hope they both succeed, but do you think? Which will you buy? Can you afford the time to play one, lol?

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    I read initially SC will push your hardware to the max.. so having high end hardware is a must for the best "user experience."

    I won't be playing either.. with a newborn at home I don't get much time in for gaming anymore. Gotta pick and choose.. something that I can pick up, play for a bit then put it down. Neither of these, or WoW (that I was addicted to for a few years) is suitable. Just the odd round of D3 fills up my spare time now.

    However, being a Wing Commander fan growing up I'd like SC to succeed.. never really played the old Elite much but they both look pretty promising.

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    ^I played a little bit of wing commander as well, I remember it was one of the first games I played (along with I think, Command and Conqueor), that had a really strong storyline aspect.

    Elite was more of a trading / exploration simulator, less story, more open. It will be interesting to see if that is how the new versions turn out, its very neat that both are remaking at the same time.

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    Hadn't heard of either until now I might try out Elite at some point as it's the only one that will run my hardware.

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    I hope they both don't turn out the way the newish X-Rebirth turned out. the previous games were really good. (X3-Terran Conflict.)

    but the reboot... filled with bugs.. 1 year after launch its still bug ridden you can't pass the tutorial missions...

    Ill probably try both tho. space sim games are my favorite genre

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    Default The elite dangerous alien discovery is one of the coolest gaming event I have seen

    I have been playing elite for almost two years now, I switched to Xbox version about 9 months ago (had to reset my gameplay, but that's fine). The game still lacks a lot of gameplay content, the play basically consists of getting better ships and engineering better weapons with materials found on planets or in space, but it is steadily improving. The best thing about elite though is that they don't sell their content in advance like star citizen has (there are some interesting insider articles on the development mess star citizen has turned into). Elite is going the opposite way, what they have just done, with a random player getting the shock of his life encountering what appear to be Thargoids for the first time, may just be one of the greatest surprise gaming moments in history:">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

    It's been planned for a while it seems, the relic ships that have been found all broken up on planets have a close resemblance to that scary alien craft that interdicted from witchspace.

    Various rumours these are scout ships for a full Thargoid invasion...
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