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    Where can you get some good Huevos breakfast in Edmonton? The ones with all the good stuff; eggs, tomatos, beans, plantains, avocado, sour cream. oh man that would be good now

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    I like Urban Diner's huevos.
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    Just returned back from New Mexico and must have gained at least a few pounds partly due to the great Huevos breakfasts that I enjoyed at the resort we stayed at. I am looking forward to the responses too and I will be sure to try out the one at the Urban Diner that Jaybee has suggested.

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    Never tried their breakfast, but El Rancho just off 118 Avenue and 87 Street might have what you're looking for.

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    Top_Dawg usually enjoys a seven course breakfast.

    A slice of leftover pizza and a half sack of Canadian.

    However, a couple of weeks ago the bulls dragged Top_Dawg out to High Level Diner for a brunch meeting.

    Wanted hiz advice on how to mop up yet another abortion they created.

    Two of the chore nazis ordered the Huevos Rancheros.

    Looked like way too much food for Top_Dawg.

    But Top_Dawg has to admit that it looked delicious.

    And good thing Top_Dawg shook them after the meeting cause they probly had intestinal gas from hell the rest of the day.


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