Good Neighbour Construction Session, 7-9 pm June 3rd at McKernan Hall, 11341-78 Avenue

The EFCL invites you to learn what leagues can do to encourage and help enforce good neighbour construction behavior.

Get tips from city staff and other leagues. Pick up copies of the Good Neighbour Guide.
Help the city’s Construction Advisory Committee identify the priority issues. Send your stories and photos to [email protected] which will be displayed at the session, and used as example cases to resolve.

Work with others to find solutions. Together we can maintain more pleasant, harmonious neighbourhoods in the midst of construction in established and developing new neighbourhoods.
Leagues are welcome to extend the session invitation to interested residents in your neighbourhood.

Please RSVP to [email protected] to help organizers plan for the session.

Let us know how many copies of the Good Neighbour Guide you want to pick up at the session.