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Thread: Alley Kat wins Beer of the Year at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards

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    Default Alley Kat wins Beer of the Year at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards

    Haven't seen this good news story here at C2E yet:

    Alley Kat turns 20 and wins big
    by Jason Foster

    Itís been a good month for Alley Kat, Edmontonís flagship craft brewery. A couple of weeks ago it celebrated its 20th anniversaryóno small feat in craft-beer-sluggish Alberta. Just before that, Alley Kat won Beer of the Year at the 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards (CBA) for its Scona Gold, beating out 1300 other entries for the titleóalso no small feat. ...

    Circling back to Scona Gold: it bested all of those other entries to capture Beer of the Year, ostensibly Best in Show. This is amazing for numerous reasons. First, Scona Gold is a Kolsch, a light-bodied style with a soft graininess accented by a delicate fruitiness. It is intended to be a summer quaffer that is more about drinkability than competition medals.

    Second, and far more intriguing, is that the Scona Gold is the newest addition to Alley Katís lineupóand itís the companyís gluten-reduced beer. While its gluten levels are low enough to be considered gluten-free, under Canadian rules it canít label itself that because it started its life with barley: an enzyme that is used to break down the gluten in the brewing process. Yet, Alley Kat hasnít jumped on the gluten-free marketing bandwagon and doesnít really market the beer that way, instead allowing it to stand on its own feet. Most drinkers are completely unaware that it is gluten-reduced.

    I think it is a testament to the CBA judges that they selected a light-bodied, delicate hybrid beer over the big double IPAs, barrel-aged beers and barley wines; this speaks volumes about their ability to detect quality.

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    That's fantastic, good for them!


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    Very impressive for them to come away with Beer of the Year with that style of brew. Awesome for them

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    One of my favourites!


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