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Thread: Applying to schools outside catchment zones

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    Default Applying to schools outside catchment zones

    We live within 1km to Esther Starkman school in the SW, but our catchment school is Brookside (public), nearly 5km away..

    Even George H Luck is closer, in Brookview.. The other thought is to apply for the Mandarin program at Parkallen, which is even further.

    Can anyone offer some input as what our chances are like if we apply for a school that's not within our catchment zone, but one that's more convenient for our kids? She's only 1 at the moment, but never hurts to plan early.


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    Oh, we moved to the area thinking there'd be a school at Haddow Park.. but that's now been put to a stop in favor of subsidized First Place homes.

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    As a proud Brookside alumnus, I can only comment to say that Brookside is a great school in a great neighborhood. (at least, it was a great school [redacted] years ago)

    Consider Brookside.

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    I live in Haddow and my daughter goes to George H. Luck. I know many other families in the area where there kids go to schools outside there catchment area. After the K-9 school is built in Magrath is should relieve some pressure on some of the schools in the area.


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