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Thread: Looking at Installing new NAV system

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    Default Looking at Installing new NAV system

    I've already called certified radio but they seem a little too expensive.

    I've called my dealership where I bought my vehicle, but they don't have units specific for my vehicle and suggested I buy a unit and have them install it.

    Or can anyone suggest a decent place where I can buy my unit or suggest what type of unit I can buy and have it installed by a professional.

    I want a decent nav system that would work with my Nissan that has a bose audio system. I have rear-camera and Sirius tuner and steering wheel controls.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Certified does good work, there are a lot of installers in the city and it isn't that hard to do.

    They can put the satellite antenna under your dash rather than on the top of your car or truck, because your dash is plastic the GPS signals do reach it quite well and hides it nicely.

    Most newer systems work well with backup cameras, Sirius radio, and they have adapters that interface with your existing steering wheel controls. But something new that is very useful is MirrorLink, this allows far better integration with your phone, and quite a few of the newer units support this.

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    Installing a new deck is incredibly simple. If you can operate a screwdriver, wire strippers, and a roll of electrical tape, you can install a new deck. This includes GPS modules. I am convinced that chimpanzees could be trained to do it.

    Save yourself the money and do it yourself. There is a youtube video describing how for basically every vehicle ever made.

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    I've seen the YouTube videos and seen how easy it is to pull out a unit but I have so many features I keep thinking I need certain adapters to keep what I already have

    Had I know I would have negotiated having one put in when I bought the vehicle since I got hosed on my trade I probably could have gotten something more from them


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