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    I often park on Saskatchewan drive right next to the U of A if I need a quick relief from riding the horrible transit system, and about a month ago I noticed they replaced the antiquated coin meters with those new universal parking zone machines called "ePark". Got to say, I'm surprised it took so long for them to implement them! Parking on Saskatchewan drive is $3.50/hour, which if you planned to park for any lengthy period of time (i.e. an 1 hour 20 minute class, which equates to roughly needing $5.25 in change when you include walking to and from class to your vehicle), you'd be stuck with needing a huge pocket full of change on the old meters to pay, but with the new machines you can pay with coins, bills, debit or credit card at the machine, or you can phone in and pay, or you can download an app to your smartphone and pay through that. All very handy and easy to do and no longer restricts you to a single payment method not everybody might have on them. Another nice feature is there's no receipt needed either.

    With inflation moving us away further and further away from having coins on us, this is a huge improvement over the old system.

    I just have one gripe with the system: I went to pay on the machine once, and every time I attempted to confirm the parking zone I was in, it told me the zone was invalid (despite using the machine many times before and having no issue, and the machine reading the correct zone on the corresponding machine), and I figured the other parking machines which were located on different blocks would read different zones (+ I was late for class and didn't have the time to run over to a different machine), I decided just to go to class and in the 45 minutes I was gone I got stuck with a $50 parking ticket. I don't understand why it claimed the zone was invalid, neither did any of the people on the parking hotline that I called, but supposedly if the machine is out of order you're supposed to find a different machine and use it to pay, or use your phone to pay (at the time I didn't know either were options, and I know ignorance is no excuse, but I'm pretty bummed out about getting the ticket since if they still had the coin meters, I wouldn't have a ticket), so I guess there's a head up for everyone if you don't want to be out $50, especially when you're a student like me and $50 is a lot of money.

    But I'm sure the machines being out of order is just a minor kink they're working out considering they're fairly new.

    Overall, great job Edmonton.
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