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Thread: Ice District Tower B | ~150m | Under Construction

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctzn-Ed View Post
    It was mentioned already a few times; the drawings are being redone. It is still a go until the fadd lady sings. This is construction and 6 months/year is a minor delay. If all the materials, currently on ground elevation, is cleaned up and removed, i will feel a little nervous. This tower will indicate the status of our true economic rebound.
    Right. At JW's top off ceremony, the vice president of Katz Real Estate basically stated that work would resume in two to three months because of design changes. I'd rather have a delay than a cancel or a stale proposal any day.
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    Correct. Hearing steel end of summer.


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    Exactly! The general mass can't comprehend to the complexity of just redoing a drawing
    It is not a 1 or 2 days and here you go sir... the drawings has to be done for all trades required for that structure.
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    So if I'm not mistaken though, one of the entrances to the parkade is under this construction site. Will any of the parkade be open by hockey season?
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