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    May be opportunities here for Alberta...

    Wood windows? Transparent wood material used for buildings, solar cells -- ScienceDaily

    Windows and solar panels in the future could be made from one of the best -- and cheapest -- construction materials known: wood. Researchers at Stockholm's KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a new transparent wood material that's suitable for mass production.

    Lars Berglund, a professor at Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH, says that while optically transparent wood has been developed for microscopic samples in the study of wood anatomy, the KTH project introduces a way to use the material on a large scale. The finding was published in the American Chemical Society journal, Biomacromolecules.

    "Transparent wood is a good material for solar cells, since it's a low-cost, readily available and renewable resource," Berglund says. "This becomes particularly important in covering large surfaces with solar cells."

    Berglund says transparent wood panels can also be used for windows, and semitransparent facades, when the idea is to let light in but maintain privacy.

    The optically transparent wood is a type of wood veneer in which the lignin, a component of the cell walls, is removed chemically.

    "When the lignin is removed, the wood becomes beautifully white. But because wood isn't not naturally transparent, we achieve that effect with some nanoscale tailoring," he says.

    The white porous veneer substrate is impregnated with a transparent polymer and the optical properties of the two are then matched, he says.

    "No one has previously considered the possibility of creating larger transparent structures for use as solar cells and in buildings," he says

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    Interesting. Probably not practical (and cheap enough) for another 20 years...

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    What's wrong with using sand? Solution looking for a problem?

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    I'm reminded of a scene from star trek 4...

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    Don't we already have transparent wood in the form of cellophane or less commonly celluloid.

    As for transparent aluminum we already have that too, your phone might use it in it's display, more commonly known as sapphire.

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    Super wood could replace steel: New process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter and cheaper -- ScienceDaily

    New process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter and cheaper

    February 7, 2018 University of Maryland

    Engineers have found a way to make wood more than 10 times stronger and tougher than before, creating a natural substance that is stronger than many titanium alloys.

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    Can't see any fire rating for it on the web-site.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    Sometimes wood is superior to metal in a fire.

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    Timber "high-rise" going up in downtown Vancouver. Very interested in using timber as a method to keep costs down for out rental builds meet current/coming GHG conditions for construction materials and lifetime GHG emissions.
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