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Thread: Liberals And Trudeau - Performance Review!

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    So much for the claim that the Liberals were only using Twitter and not diplomacy.

    Trudeau government started pressing Saudis to release Badawi long before Twitter flap

    The memo, which is redacted in several places, was obtained by CBC News through Access to Information.

    It contradicts the accusation from some quarters that the Trudeau government has used "Twitter diplomacy" instead of diplomatic back-channels to try to secure the release of Badawi — who has been in a Saudi jail since 2012 and was publicly lashed in 2015 as punishment for his criticism of the regime.

    In fact, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland took to Twitter earlier this month to criticize the Saudi government's treatment of the Badawi family only after nearly three years of quiet diplomacy had failed to win his freedom and after the Saudis suddenly escalated the situation by arresting Badawi's sister, Samar.

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    I knew they were working behind the scenes, diplomatically, then CF threw a spanner in the works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by East McCauley View Post
    ^As a big tough guy, when traveling to Europe, I enjoy nothing more than making my way to the "ghetto" neighbourhoods to take on the ethnics who refuse to fully integrate.

    Seriously, you know as little about my knowledge of Canadian immigration rules and my travel habits as you do about my physical appearance.
    Your previous statements made your travel habits obvious, and your comment about travel habits are hypocritical after your bolded statement considering you don't know mine. And your joking on the matter and turning it into make fun really shows that I was right. I stay for long periods of time when I travel. I don't go for a weekend and do the guided tours and leave. We do the guided tours, but then we stay, we explore, we walk around, go to theatres and festivals, meet locals and do some dark tourism. The fluffy guided tours are designed to show you the best of what a place has to offer, but then you're only seeing part of it. To me, that's a little stale, and you're not seeing the whole picture. Also, some of my traveling is for work, and I'm not just going to sit in my hotel room every evening and die of boredom.

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