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Thread: The one 'interior' shot (of Edmonton) by you thread

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    Default The one 'interior' shot (of Edmonton) by you thread

    I love the one shot of Edmonton thread. However, I feel that it's time for the always rare, overlooked, inside Edmonton, shots.

    i.e. Whenever I look for old photos of Edmonton, I find pictures of the exteriors of our lost buildings. Rarely do I ever see the 'lost' interiors. Then when they're discussed it's sometimes mentioned how grand or unique the interiors were - but the pictures are exceedingly rare. (Mostly a pre flashbulb era problem I suppose.)

    So, if anyone is out for a walk and you step inside somewhere special, you can bring that perspective out into the open for us all to see.

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    time to resurrect this thread as you never know what you're going to run across inside or outside:

    "If you did not want much, there was plenty." Harper Lee


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