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Thread: Bar name before Denny Andrews American Bar

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    Default Bar name before Denny Andrews American Bar

    Hi all (or just TopDawg lol), Anyone recall the name of the bar that was in the space that Denny Andrews American Bar and Cowboys once occupied?
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    Wasn't Denny Andrews the original name?

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    What is the location?

    I never went to that iteration of it.
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    Right next to Denny Andrews Ford on Stony Plain Road.

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    I don't think I know anything about it. Never went to that area.
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    I would agree with Vincent. D A's was the original name that I know of.

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    For the unaware - Cowboys and its prior incarnation as Denny Andrews American Bar was at Stony Plain Rd and 180 St.
    Had great times at Denny Andrews, not so much when it was Cowboys.

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    I remember it as Denny's American Bar, and I think at one point (correct me if I'm wrong), JRJ's and then T-Rex.
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    It was just called the Denny Andrews American Bar.

    Worked there many nights

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    I am one of the original disc jockeys of Denny Andrews American Bar.
    I helped build the club from scratch.. it was not any other bar before.. we converted the strip mall into DA"s.
    There was a mechanic shop there.. we had to fill in the lube pit ... we kept some of ot below grade to make the base for the hydraulic dance floor.
    This is my first visit back since I went off on my radio career. I was personally hurt to see the building gone !

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    Cool. Thanks for the insight! I don't remember the strip mall. I also don't remember the hydraulic dance floor, but then again I think I was only there twice and once was for a hypnotist show.


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