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Thread: Nuisance and Derelict House Reporting

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    Hey everyone. My name is Brandon. I buy distressed, derelict and nuisance properties in Edmonton. With the way our economy has gone (although it is not as bad as some other cities in Alberta), there has been an increase in nuisance houses in Edmonton. These houses are classified as "Any property that is untidy, unsightly, offensive, dangerous, or interferes with the use or enjoyment of neighbouring properties. Conditions can range from smaller issues, such as uncut grass, weeds and overgrown vegetation, unpainted fences and wrecked or dismantled vehicles, to larger issues, such as derelict buildings, houses or structures where a reasonable standard of maintenance and care has not been applied."

    I am writing this post to try and help clean up these problem building from the neighbourhoods and hopefully turn them into something safe and appealing to the eye for all to see.

    If you know the location of a house that falls into the above criteria, shoot me a text at 587-778-6217 or post it on here and I will do my best to work with the city to get rid of the problem and bring in a solution!

    Thanks everyone!

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    So you have a website or some real information other than the information you just shared?

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    You can find a lot of these "distressed" houses in McCauley neighborhood.


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