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    Anyone else play? There's a big update coming out July 7th when map wipes that will include the new XP system. Wanted to invite players from C2E to a small population server (10 - 30) players called RustAlberta that I've been on since September and I expect it to get busier once the XP system comes out. It's vanilla with no mods or anything, ping is decent for us Albertans (50 - 60) and most players are located in PST/MST so evening gaming/prime time is on cue with hours that work for us. Server is actually quite friendly for the most part although there's usually a small group that run around whacking people. That's ok, gotta have some sort of threat or it gets stale. We're mostly resources gatherers and builders although if our group gets messed with we usually strike back.

    Here's what I'm currently working on (4 towers) with a little help from some friends.

    Add me to Steam if interested, name: Kitlope
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