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Thread: Visas to be removed for Mexico

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    Default Visas to be removed for Mexico

    The previous Conservative government imposed visas in 2009 to stop thousands of asylum claims being made by ineligible Mexican citizens -- a controversial move that has stood as the major irritant between the two countries ever since.

    The Opposition Conservatives have argued the visa should not be lifted until its impact can be properly assessed. But the visiting Mexican president was clearly happy to see its demise.

    "Since 2009, this barrier has been set, but today thanks to a great political will, we are overcoming such a barrier," Pena Nieto said in Spanish.

    The Tories have said the asylum rate for Mexican nationals fell below one per cent over the last four years, down from 25 per cent just before the visa requirement was put in place in 2008. The Liberals promised during last year's election campaign that the visa would be lifted, but the process has been fraught with delays.

    So, we are going to see a massive increase in Mexicans claiming asylum again (which makes no sense, Mexico is a democracy). Great, oh well, I guess its pay back by Trudeau to the legal community for their support (they are the only ones who profit from such, at our tax dollars expense). One positive though, is our beef exports can return to Mexico.

    Brilliant - this is why the Conservatives brought in Visas, in Quebec alone, the cost was approx. $170m per annum:

    In 2008 alone, Quebec received close to 6,000 asylum seekers from Mexico at a cost of $171 million to Quebecers. According to the independent Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), 90% of these were bogus.

    That did not sit well with the Quebec government, which demanded that Kenney take action to stop this scandalous waste of taxpayers' money. He responded last June, by imposing visa requirements on all visitors from both Mexico and the Czech Republic with the result that refugee claims from these countries have slowed to a trickle.

    He might not agree with many of Harpers policies, but isn't this just pissing our money down the drain (into immigration lawyers pockets)? Was it that unfair to require a visa from a nation where false claims are rampant from?
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    Here's the actual numbers regarding refugee claims and visa applications over time. Strange that the "democracy" spoken about saw 45% of all refugee claims held to be valid. When's the last time Canada shot at protesters?

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    JT ( thinks) he knows better than anyone else( rolls eyes) or maybe Butts thinks he does..

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    How are these hard working North American citizens worse than some of the riffraff coming in from far away countries, and how much are those people costing us?


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