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    Default Transit Elevated Bus

    China just unveiled a bus that makes transit systems around the world look like a joke. Introducing the “Transit Elevated Bus”–the most simple innovation nobody ever thought of. Unlike regular buses, which travel alongside others vehicles and help snarl traffic, elevated buses do exactly as their name implies–they drive above traffic. While they don’t actually hover over the ground, you can basically think of them as moving tunnels.
    Innovative concept. Cheaper and more flexible than rail or BRT. Lacks right of way, but handles traffic. Not sure how people will feel as they get "swallowed" by a moving tunnel.

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    It's less flexible than BRT. Literally. The thing can't turn on normal roads.
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    Third thread on this.

    Where is the cost analysis that shows it would be cheaper?
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    What happens when it encounters a large semi-trailer? This thing is literally a massive accident waiting to happen, although I guess life is cheap in China.

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    Further to my comment above, seems it has hit the road. I'm wondering if my Ford Explorer would fit under it. It is cool, but its actually more of a train than a bus, runs on rails. In which case, I don't really understand how its better than an LRT taking up a lane to side (perhaps a bit less infrastructure?).

    The trial run was conducted on a 300m-long controlled track in the north-eastern city of Qinhuangdao.

    The vehicle is expected to reach speeds of up to 60km per hour, running on rails laid along ordinary roads. Up to four TEBs can be linked together.

    "The biggest advantage is that the bus will save lots of road space," the project's chief engineer, Song Youzhou, told state-media agency Xinhua earlier this year.

    "The TEB has the same functions as the subway, while its cost of construction is less than one fifth of the subway," another engineer Bai Zhiming told news outlet CCTV.

    One TEB could replace 40 conventional buses, according to the firm. However, it is unclear when the vehicle will be widely used in Chinese cities.

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    I'm struggling to see why this is any better than normal elevated rail, or even at-grade trams. This thing would be a nightmare for signalling, and would require a huge level of investment to lay the tracks. Could you imagine the cluster**** at intersections when it turns, or when cars under it want to turn?

    China is seriously missing the boat on their urban design. I don't get how a country that is building new cities from the ground up in this day and age manages to make them car dominated. Especially with a population like theirs. You would think that walkability and normal old transit oriented development would be the better option.
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    ^while I think you are right re this concept, I don't think Chinese cities are "new". Chinese culture goes back a lot further than Canada, for example.

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    They are building cities basically out of nothing. As in building out the infrastructure for a future city of millions, in what before was a village or just a farm field. Even in their ancient cities (where the ancient part is now just a tiny historic district), the rate of growth and the resources available present a huge wasted opportunity. They have invested billions in designing cities dominated by the car.

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    It says cost of construction is 1/5 of a subway. That should be incentive enough to find places for it to work.

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    Default Arrests over China 'straddling bus' project

    Surprise, surprise, the whole thing was a scam:

    Police in Beijing have arrested 32 people for illegal fundraising linked to a scrapped project to create a "straddling bus" to beat traffic jams.

    The futuristic idea to lift commuters above congestion quickly attracted international attention when it was launched last year - but was finally scrapped last month.

    There had been growing speculation that it was no more than an investment scam.

    In a statement, police said they were working to recover investors' assets.

    China has seen a series of scams where online platforms offer big returns on money invested into start-ups, an area mostly ignored by the country's state-run banks.

    Among those arrested was Bai Zhiming, the 47-year-old CEO of the Transit Elevated Bus Company (TEB) who is also the founder of peer-to-peer financing company Huaying Kailai Asset Management.
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    Just as interesting is this story:
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    Interesting concept, but the clearance needed vertically and horizontally make other modes such as monorail or elevated trains probably cheaper options.


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