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Thread: WWII The public's "war effort" in Edmonton

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    Default WWII The public's "war effort" in Edmonton

    I came across the article at the bottom and it raised my curiosity about what was going on here in Edmonton at the time. So I thought I'd start a thread on it in case anyone has more information or stories to contribute.

    Found this very interesting and relevant article:

    A good read!
    Laurie Callsen

    Florida’s Junior Scrap Army During World War II
    Posted on June 4, 2014 by Josh
    "During World War II, the enormous demand for steel, aluminum, and other metals led the War Production Board to launch a nationwide campaign to salvage scrap. Everyone from state and local Defense Councils to the Boy Scouts combed local communities for sources of scrap metal that could be melted down and re-purposed for ships, guns, vehicles, and other war materiel. ..."

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    ^Thanks, this is pretty neat:

    Edmonton’s busiest wartime factories, the Great West Garment Company, provided an essential wartime service, and the 500-some workers were unable to resign unless they were enlisting. Over five years, the factory produced about 6.5 million military clothes and became the British Empire’s largest garment manufacturing company. Of the factory’s workers—who worked in three shift segments, 24/7—87 per cent of workers were women.


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