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    Edmonton is not a city led by our mayor, it is a city of citizens who direct our mayor. I say that for myself, as I sometimes get caught up with Iverson's, Bill Smithion rhetoric as seen in construction cranes towering over our downtown horizon. We need to continually speak up and offer our input. Not just rants and raves but constructive input from from our each/all individual perspectives.
    Tonight I need to comment on the dichotomy between ideas and implementation: we live in an amazing and diverse growing city and ideas abound. Yet on the Public Sector side, the City of Edmonton is still a bureaucracy with all angst, single-mindedness, and frustration that entails. Our neighbors and friends may work there but they are give narrow channels to work in. It is a bureaucracy and we have all had heavy sighs over paper and process. Perhaps it will ever be such.
    Yet, time and again, I see the large hand pounding down with no thought to an alternative. That might be the definition of bureaucracy or it could be what we expect, enable, then hate. How can we enable our city to progress while also being progressive?
    Mayor Iverson wants to promote exciting growth but the city structure of rules, reg's, and cost restraints must be narrow and boxed. We have a city bureaucracy that does not permit any thinking 'outside the box'.
    The suicide barriers on the High Level are the latest culprit. Surely better designs were available (affordability) but the real issue is bike lanes. I'm sure there are a thousand examples, but on a recent trip to Budapest Hungary, while I did not know the politics and debates involved, they had bike lanes, which to this observer, worked smooth.
    Dog Park users have been pleading for fences, and yes that costs a lot. Yet on a recent visit to the Grand Trunk neighborhood, where some pipeline is being built/rebuilt, and the roads are closed, there is a "temporary" fence built along one side of the local dog park. Why was a permanent fence not erected? A paid for solution.
    Why must taxpayers not receive a break because project thinking is all 'inside a bureaucratic box'? These are aspects of our city where Councillors ought to step in. Yes those politicians have many new babies to kiss, but they also need to be the eyes and supporters or their neighborhoods.
    As a downtown worker I see lots of construction hoarding on sidewalks. Occasionally a detour is required. Why isn't the same requirements required of the Valley LRT? The bridge by Riverdale is needed to be removed yet all trail access is also cut off. The city which promotes bike lanes thinks bikers (and walkers) all take city streets. Why a NO Exit sign? Why not hoarding for the trails?
    YEG wants to promote alternate mode of transportation from cars, but they have no unified policy between departments. It is a bureaucracy that is very bureaucratic, and all the mayors sweet visions are for nought. City of Edmonton employees are not allowed to think out side their departments box.
    Our jokes about city workers standing idle with a shovel, remain for good reason. Pave a street, dig it up again is a standard principle in the isolated departments of our city.
    Citizens vote in a mayor and council but we need to hold them to higher standards than dreams and schemes! Take a look around guys. Two or three or more things can be done at once. Let's walk the walk. Talk to the next department, talk to the residents, talk, talk, talk. A new pipeline might be a dog owners dream. A suicide barrier might enhance all bike paths. We all live together, one solution is another's problem or perhaps, just perhaps, a success for all of Edmonton!

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    So is this a Greater Idea for a Greater Edmonton?
    or a Rant?
    “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012

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    Who is this Mayor "Iverson"?

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    ^great basketball player.



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