Here's a link to an interesting old article with comments from the peak of an earlier oil boom. The article describes the changes to the cities, etc. The article also mentions a Mel Hurtig quote and tearing town the Marshall Wells building. I found the Peter Lougheed comments interesting:

Alberta, once a backwater province, now an economic powerhouse
November 26, 1980
The Lewiston Journal

"We'd better have in place a more diversifies and more secure economy," Lougheed said in an interview.

"We'd should be processing more of our oil and gas here. ... we should process more of our agricultural products here. .. Because of our stability we have been developing as a center for finance and investment, and because of our technological base we think we can make Alberta the brainpower center of Canada"

A keystone of the development effort is the Alberta Heritage Fund, a...

The premier said Alberta may have grown too fast in recent years.
"We don't want a large population. We want a highly skilled population," he said.

Lougheed is threatening to retaliate cutting back oil production 15 percent which would force eastern Canada to import more from abroad.",4171031