Sometimes I have to shake my head. EPS is closing down neighborhood police stations and the money is being diverted to a new bureau to address terrorism threats. I can see closing down neighborhood police stations if they don't get a lot of traffic. But wasting money on a terrorism bureau. Is this a joke?. Is it another ploy to wrestle money of the C of E taxpayers to pay for fancy I Spy equipment. I am totally opposed to this bureau being run on a civic level. Is this type of 'terrorism' the RCMP should be dealing with?. I honestly don't know how Knecht can announce this with a straight face.
When was the last time anyone heard there was any kind of terrorist threat against Edmonton? Maybe never. If this fancy bureau is just out to catch gang bangers etc. then just say so. I'm beginning to think EPS needs to have their allotted budged lowered if they are going to come up with stuff like this. To much cash to blow.