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Thread: 2017 Civic Election - Who's in Who's out.

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    Default 2017 Civic Election - Who's in Who's out.

    I know it's early but after reading this "Father-son team aims to get elected in next Edmonton council race"
    it seems some candidates are starting to get their ducks in a row.

    Edmonton could see a father-son team on the next city council if the stars align for Coun. Tony Caterina and his son Rocco.
    Rocco Caterina, 31, says he’ll run in Ward 4, currently held by Ed Gibbons, if the sitting councillor does not run again. Rocco registered his intention to run with the City Clerk last Friday.
    A new provincial requirement to register before raising any funds for the campaign is forcing candidates to publicly declare their intentions much earlier than other years, giving a rare look at intentions as they develop.

    I guess now with having to register their intentions earlier we will get more months of listening to bloated rhetoric from all sides. As if things are not tedious enough.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    Gemini, it seems like many candidates with family relations are getting involved in public office. There's another individual (should say child) who's extremely young but has his mother as the head chair of the public school board trustee who's running for Ward 4 (Justin Draper) I won't vote for a 20 year old to be in office. Rocco may be running, but that will split the resources for the catetinas and nobody wants an empire at city hall. There are 2 Haymour's on the city's website (notice of intent) who haven't declared yet. I only wish they would increase the entry requirements for this election to weed out the weak candidates.

    How do you feel about this, especially with all these family connections running for office?


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